Singing Calls

Singing Calls

Patt & I really enjoy playing for contra dances and have our favorite callers with whom we’ve developed a good working relationship over the years. One of these folks is Roger Diggle of Madison, WI. Roger never uses cards or any sort of prompt when calling so everything is very fluid and fun with him. On one ocassion awhile back he asked if we knew any tunes to go with “singing calls”. Now in a singing call the figures of the dance are called as a song of a popular old-time or country melody. So below is what we came up with.

Here’s a video of Just Because with Roger calling recorded at the Delfield, WI, contra dance on November 7, 2015. The band is Hillbilly Diaspora – Patt & me with Jennifer Jeffries and Kathy Hirsh.

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  1. Just Because – Singing Call – Key of C
  2. Just Because – Singing Call – Key of G
  3. Trail of the Lonesome Pine – Singing Call – Key of F
  4. Trail of the Lonesome Pine – Singing Call – Key of G