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Welcome to charliewalden.com the official homepage for Charlie Walden Music.

Be sure to visit my free music notation page where you’ll find a bunch of tunes in PDF format for download. Also, wander on over to the Fiddle School, a new page I’ve created to help other folks learn to play old-time fiddle.

I’d love to hear your comments about the site, any suggestions you might have or questions about the content. Just email me at: possum.walden@gmail.com

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You can always call my “Hotline” at 847-920-7587 available 24 hours per day.  Virtual operators are standing by!

Bio & Booking

NOTE: Patrons get all the music on my website for just $4 per month. Click the banner above for more info.

Here’s everything you need to know about Charlie Walden & Patt Plunkett (a.k.a. Patt & Possum). We love to play for contra and square dances, present workshop, perform at festivals, house concerts, and private parties. We truly enjoy meeting and playing with other musicians all over the place.

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Fiddle Tune Notation

Sorry to say the DOTs are no longer available on this page. All my tune transcription and other music resources can only be accessed by subscribers at https://www.patreon.com/charliewalden.

If you have purchased the DOTs from this page in the last little while then sign-up for Patreon and I’ll refund $4 via paypal to cover your first month of membership. Contact me via bigfiddleshow@gmail.com to take advantage of this offer. With your Patreon subscription you’ll not only get all the the tune transcriptions, but access to all of my legacy tune collections, video lessons on fiddle, guitar, mandolin and piano plus discord access, merch discounts and more!