Charlie Walden's
Skype Lesson How-To Guide
1/2 Hour Lesson

One-Hour Lesson

  Taking lessons on line is the next best thing to in-person lessons.  I offer fiddle, mandolin and guitar all on-line via Skype.  The charge for Skype lessons is that same as for lessons in-person: $25 per half-hour / $45 per hour. 

For those unfamiliar with Skype here is a brief overview.  Skype is a software program and internet-based service that allows you to make either video or audio "phone calls" to any other user with Skype running on their computer or mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.). The best about Skype is it is entirely free (not including any data charges for your internet service provider).  Skype is available for Windows, MAC OS, Android, I-Phone OS, etc.  Skype even has solutions for Smart TV's.

To get started with Skype lessons contact me by email

Certain technical requirements must be met in order to have a successful Skype lesson experience.  Please check the items below and make you can meet these criteria.

1. Make sure you haev a compatible device which has a webcam, microphone and speakers.  These can be integrated or add-ons like a USB camera, for instance. 

2. You'll need a fast internet connection. This can be DSL, cable internet or 4G service on a mobile device.

3. Next download and install Skype for your device, create an account and username. Go to: and follow the instructions provided.

4. Once you have Skype running locate me by searching through Skype.  You can search by my username Charlie.Walden or email address When you find me request to be added to my contacts.

5. Next we'll make a test call to verify that technical requirements have been met and we can proceed with the lesson.  We can set up a time for this via email.  It is also a good idea to send me a phone number that can be accessed while we're making the connection in case we have some difficulty and need to talk through it.

6. Schedule a time for your first lesson via email.  We can also discuss if you want to work on a particular tune or technique and I may send music or audio files in advance of the lesson if needed.

7. Make payment for the lesson 24 hours ahead of time via PayPal.  You can use one of the two buttons in the left side top of this page.  Select either 1/2 hour or one hour.

8. Be ready at the time of the lesson with instrument, your device on and Skype running.  Of course, it's good to have a quiet, well lit area where you won't be disturbed. 

9. If we have technical problems, such as slow connection, it might be necessary to reschedule.  A little patience is sometimes needed to make this work the first time.