The MandoMule TABS

Whelan's Breakdown - Mando TAB

Mandolin TAB by the MandoMule Includes TAB & Standard Notation

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Reels & Hoe-Downs / 6/8'ers
Waltzes / Pieces
Reels & Hoe-Downs
Turkey in the Straw
Turkey in the Straw - Variation
Whelan's Breakdown - TAB
Quadrilles, Jigs &
Borealis Jig - TAB
Catfish Jig (F) - TAB
Catfish Jig (G) - TAB
Jimmy's Jig (Les Raber) - TAB
Joys of Wedlock - TAB
Oyster River Quadrille - TAB
Quadrille in F from E. Kranz - TAB
Prodigal Son - TAB
Whitewater Jig - TAB
Shamus O'Brien Waltz - TAB
Valse Gisele - TAB
Pieces, Songs, Hillbilly Jazz & Semi-Popular Tunes
Happy Acres Two-Step - TAB