Accompanist Chord Sheets
Good for playing those tunes with more than three chords

Along the Navajo Trail

A pop tune in Eb that Pete McMahan used to play a lot. 
Needs the "right" chords to work.  Key of Eb



One we got from Jimmy Gilmore of Jeff City.  Mills Bros. hit. Key of F.


Whispering in G

Another tune that Jimmy Gilmore played.  Key of G.

Whispering in Eb Original setting of Whispering as a waltz in Eb

A great little swing tune from Jimmy Gilmore.  Key of F

Big Ball's In Cowtown Western swing classic.
Charmaine - Swing in A

Two version of Charmaine here.  Swing it like Baker.  Originally published as a waltz in 1928. 

Charmaine - Waltz in Eb

The other version, as per most fake books.  Waltz in Eb.

Cherokee Ray Noble jazz standard.  Often played by Claude Fiddler Williams
Dreamy Georgianna Moon From the mind of Georgia Slim Rutland
Eyes of Texas Texas anthem to the tune of "I've Been Working on the Railroad."
Festival Waltz

Chords for this great tune written by Kenny Baker.  These aren't the Bluegrass style changes, but more like you'd hear in a modern fiddle contest.


I Can't Give You Anything But Love - F

I Can't Give You Anything But Love - D

Another great pop tune that Patt likes to sing.

If I Were The Only Girl in the World

A waltz that my Patt likes to sing.  Big Doris Day hit.  Also, according to the Wikipedia folks, Actor-singer Rudy Vallee sang it in the 1929 film The Vagabond Lover, with the beat changed from a foxtrot to a waltz.  Originally published in 1916.

Is It True What They Say About Dixie

A great little number I got from a Cousin Cecil Brower record.  Brower was one of the original Western Swing fiddle pioneers.  See the Wikipedia article:
And how about ths Al Jolson cover!

Little Grass Shack

Classic Hawaiian number.  Played by Luther Caldwell

Miss Molly Western Swing standard
Old Fashioned Love Western Swing standard
Secret Love Sung by Doris Day. I hear fiddlers around Missouri playing this, but the chords on the bridge get butchered by the accompanist.  See if these work and let me know.
Sheik of Araby

Jimmy Gilmore - Key of Bb.

Slow Boat to China From the Homer and Jethro "Cornfucious" LP
South! Another tune that Jimmy Gilmore played.
When I Grow Too Old To Dream

This is a waltz recorded several times by Clark Kessinger of WVA.  Key of F.