Fiddle Gear
I get asked from time to time about some of the various musical gear I use. Here's a list and links for more info and purchase.*
There are two ways to tune your fiddle - the old way and the modern way. For the old way just get yourself one of these old-fashioned A-440 tuning forks. They work and they're cheap.
The "modern" way is to use on of these new-fangled electronic tuners. They have a lot of advantages, especially if you're playing out in a noisy environment you can tweak your tuning without being able to hear exactly. It's also faster in some circumstances. There are many on the market. I use the NS micro tuner by D'Addario. It's main advantages are that it latches onto the note quickly and that you don't have to take if off your fiddle.
Rosin can truly affect the sound of your instrument so in general avoid cheap rosin. I use Hill dark.
Shoulder rests are a must to hold your fiddle properly and keep from getting a nasty "crick" in your neck. I use the Kuhn. There are cheaper models with similar performance, but these things last.
For strings I've used Prim green label (orchestra medium) steel core with a solid steel E. They've served me in good stead, last a long time, and stay in tune at county fairs in heat and humidity.
That's it. Need more recommendations then email me at
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